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Morrison Watts, Leeds - DO NOT USE

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I would not recommend Morrison Watts under any circumstances. 

Aside from the length of time it took them to register and deal with property problems (over a week when we had no hot water) and the numerous times they forgot to provide 24 hours’ notice before a contractor or potential buyer came out to the property (this is a contract requirement) – the main issue was the deposit after we vacated. 

It became apparent that our landlord wanted £500 of our £600 deposit upon our departure – the majority of which was towards living room blinds he claimed he had paid £600 to replace. (They were ordinary Venetian blinds when we rented the flat). 
After getting nowhere with negotiations and receiving nothing but repeated demands for £500 from the landlord through Morrison Watts, we decided to take the matter to the deposit protection dispute scheme. 
It is a legal requirement for landlords and those responsible to protect a tenants’ deposit. 
I requested our deposit protection scheme certificate number on several occasions and was repeatedly fobbed off – eventually being given a certificate number that was out of date. 
After a lot of discussion and fobbing off I eventually rang the deposit protection scheme we were alleged to have been protected by and was told that our deposit had not been protected for the final three months of our tenancy and we were no longer eligible for the dispute scheme. 
During the three months our deposit was not protected where was our money? Who had drawn it down after the previous protection scheme expired? Did they know they were not complying with the law? Was the ludicrous demand for 83 per cent of our deposit done so because they knew that there was no one to hold them accountable? 
Deposit protection schemes are put in place for a reason and the fact that we were without one created a LOT of difficulty for us. 
I spent a lot of time on the phone to citizens advice and charity shelter and had to fight absolutely tooth and nail and even threaten the company with the small claims court before they eventually agreed to pay the deposit back in full. 
They are a joke operation and I fully believe had I not sought professional help and had we not fought our corner they would have exploited us for an obscene amount that was not necessary. 
Do not use them. Go with a reputable company that understands the importance of the rules already in place. It is not worth the hassle to go with Morrison Watts.

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It’s a good thing you managed to fight them off of your deposit money. We have a special guide that helps tenants do this in a structured step by step manner. 

You already solved your own problems ( horay for not letting them push you around !), but you might want to check it out for future reference:

It’s a two step guide – First step takes you through the deposit protection procedure and makes sure your money is in a scheme. 

Step two is claiming compensation when your money has not been properly protected. 

All the best.

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