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Mould and repairs

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Hi, need some advice.

I live in a 2 bedroom flat, with my 2 children and I am currently 5 months pregnant. We’ve had a problem with mould since we moved in, many of times I’ve cleaned it but it always comes back even though I’ve put measures in place eg. Opening windows, lids on pots reducing the amount of clothes I dry in the house etc. When the weather is bad the walls become wet. I have notified the landlord on many occasions of the mould and he’s just told me to wipe it away and leave the windows open, which I was doing with a special spray I brought especially for mould, until I fell pregnant. There is also repairs that need doing which I’ve also notified the landlord, the front window lock is broken and handle broken off which was there when we moved in. The only source of heat we have is one small convector heater and one upright oil heater. The whole porch is mouldy the front door is rotting as it’s wooden, the lock doesnt catch properly, the paint on the ceiling is also falling down. problems with the water flow in bathroom and hot water is too hot, electrics throughout the flat r a bit dodgy, we have 2 glass doors which aren’t safety glass ( as one smashed) washing machine is broken it just floods the kitchen. I’ve notified the landlord of all of this on many occasions but nothing has been done. Now I can’t clean the mould my lil girl has been getting chest infections and I’ve noticed we’ve all got a nasty cough. I feel unsafe as the window will open from the outside. The flat smells of mould/penicillin and I’ve had to chuck a lot of furniture because it’s got a green dusty mould on it including the kids matress. 

I have no idea where to start/go, its starting to get me down and would appreciate any advice given

Many thanks


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Hi Hayley

I’m no expert but I’m going through exactly the same thing.Sounds like my landlord and house.

I ended up reporting my landlord to my local Housing Standards where he got served an improvement notice to do the work they requested.He did’nt do it so now Housing Standards are going to do it and will bill and possibly fine my landlord.Like you I reported it to my landlord on many occasions to which I felt I had no other option but to go to Housing Standards.They will help you to get it sorted or even find you somewhere else to live.Sounds like your landlord has no intention of doing anything and you need to think of your family’s health because the landlord isn’t bothered.

Its not nice living in those conditions,I can relate to everything your going through,the spray,dodgy electrics,the smell etc.

Hope it gets sorted soon for you.


Service provider


Under the tenancy agreement you have with your Landlord, they have a legal obligation under section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act to carry out repairs in the property. In regards to damp/mould in the property i understand you are minimising the moisture in the property as much as possible however if the property isnt sufficiently heated as you suggest then the mould will unfortunately continue to grow.

Your best option here is to (as Sam advised) ring your local Enviromental Health Office and they will send an inspector round to the property to produce a report on the conditions. If deemed serious enough then they will provide the Landlord with an improvement notice to carry out works and provide them with a date the works should be completed by. Other than this i would recommend you look into moving property as it is unlikely to get better in the foreseeable future.


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