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Mould & Damp

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We moved into our currrent property in June 2014. I currenltly receive Housing Benefit and have to make up a short-fall of £40 per month from my benefits. I paid my initial deposit to an Agent but the Landlord now handles everything himself. The property is detached and we had problems last year with mould & damp. The cold seems ten times worse this year and no amount of central heating seems adequate.  Can I request my deposit back (or stop paying the short-fall) on the grounds that I need to purchase additonal heating?


Hi Roy

If you’re having issues with mold and damp then it might be worth starting with this and asking the landlord to deal with it – take photos and perhaps even get someone from the local environmental health department to come in and take a look.

With the heating, is it being properly maintained? Sometimes that can cause it to be inefficient. You could point out to the landlord that there are lots of schemes around at the moment whereby they can get free insulation and a free new boiler. There’s some info on that here – you could look into it yourself and then present it to the landlord as something that’s free, easy to do and will mean he ends up with a better property as a result (and you’ll be warmer).


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