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Mould growth, odour in my bedroom

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7 weeks ago a leak from an upstairs property resulted in damage in my bedroom- mould growth and bad odour.

4 weeks ago dehumidifiers were installed which were removed 2 weeks ago, before the walls completely dried, and so they need to be reinstalled before repair work can proceed. The landlord has offered nothing – no compensation for disruption to the use of the property and not offered to pay the energy costs of the dehumidifiers.

i gather given it’s an internal wall there is no obligation to fix, even though the property is in a state which would make it un-tenantable. However, is it legal to expect the tenant to pay for additional costs (electricity) if he chooses to repair it? If I am expected to maintain the dehumidifiers (emptying them of water and switching on/off), does that trigger the right of quiet enjoyment clause? Obviously keen to get the lease surrended given the duration of the problem and the lanloards unwillingness to offer any financial compensation.

thank you

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Peter, you’re probably not going to like it, but you need to be more proactive. From what I gather in your post, your landlord is willing to resolve the issue and has provided equipment for you to combat the humidity. 

Very few tenants that come for help here can say the same for their landlords. 

Sometimes accidents happen. That brings discomfort and a bit of frustration, but life doesn’t compensate you for every hardship and neither will your landlord. I guess you can negotiate a small reduction in rent temporarily, while you maintain the dehumidifiers at the property, but you’re unlikely to get anything more. 

If you’re on a fixed term, you need to stay until it ends. Disrepair, unless severe and potentially hazardous is not a valid cause to get the lease terminated. 

Remain patience, put more pressure on the landlord, keep the dehumidifiers running and you’ll get a positive result.

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