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Mouldy Fridge and freezer

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We moved into our property in August via a letting agent the fridge and separate freezer unit had mould on the first day. We notifed the letting agent with emails and photos there reply was that it was professionaly cleaned before we moved in and we moved in later than anticipated and it was not there fault. After a few emails they offered £15 for the cleaning as that was the going rate of the cleaners however no cleaning agency will come out to clean for 1 hour the minimum I found was 3 hours. I aske the agency to senc their cleaner but they said that they dont use a cleaning agency. Upon emailing again they now say they will not do anyrmore and they have offered £15 although no one will come in to clean for 1 hour.

It’s unfair to expect us to clean the dirt and mould of the fridge and freezer we have not used either since we moved in and used our own. I feel either it gets cleaned or I pay and then deduct the money from the rent. I would like go further with this and if necessary take legal action. Can anyone advise further.

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Hi Mark

If you deduct anything from your rent then you’re paying less rent than the tenancy requires and that will put you in breach of the tenancy for non payment of rent – which could give the landlord a right to evict you. I’m not a lawyer but I think taking legal action over this would be viewed as a bit excessive by the courts – you’d be claiming for £45 in damages, which would probably be more than it cost to take a case to court.

What date did your tenancy start on? That’s the date at which the property should have been clean for.

Did you have a check in inventory? It’s important that you note the state of the fridge and freezer on that so that there is a record of it. Keep all the correspondence with the agents too.

You could take the £15 offered and do what you can with it. Keep receipts if you spend any more than that and then try to set this off against any deductions the landlord tries to make from your deposit at the end of your tenancy. It does mean that at the end of the tenancy there’s very little chance that the landlord could deduct anything from your deposit for the state of the fridge. 

As I said I’m not a lawyer but I don’t know if there’s any mileage in the fact that the mould might be a health hazard as it’s in the fridge. If your tenancy did start on the day that you found the mould then you could try contacting your local Environmental Health department to see if there’s any advice they can offer.


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