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Mouse Problem, landlord or tenant?

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My buliding is very old and so inevitably has a small mouse problem. One of my housesmates who just moved out used to leave a lot of food around her room which attracted them which she found very distressing. Since her moving out there hasn’t been a problem with them in her room however they have been spotted around the kitchen still. But before moving out she complained to our landlord who provided us with mouse poison however us, the current tennants didn’t lay any as we didn’t agree with this method.

This evening after noticing an unplesant smell in our kitchen we discovered behind the kitchen skirting boards mouse poison and several decomposing mice in various stages of decay. The landlord didn’t tell any of us that she had laid poison down in our flat. Since I was unaware I feel pretty annoyed as firstly I don’t agree with poisoning and secondly I was unaware of the posion and if I knew I would have checked the bait everyday. 

Who’s responsability is this, landord or tenant? And what can I do about this situation?

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Hi Bella,

A Landlord has a right to address a mice issue as they see fit but shoud make you aware of any intended action. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and suggest the poisons have been there a while.

We recommend getting the ultrasonic repellers (whole house model- cost about £20-25). These are humane and some retailers give a full money back guarantee if they dont work! Cleanliness is key however- if you have housemates leaving food lying around you’ll never get rid of them and could cause in infestation, which could have serious implications for you as Tenants.

Just talk to your Landlady- usually, as long as there is a solution that works and it keeps you guys (the Tenants) happy, most Landlords will be happy.

Hope that helps.

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