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Moved in the flat and discovered lot of out of order equipment

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Try call in the morning to agency to found out open and closeing hours and didn’t received answer.

Later on day time received a phone call from the agency. Lady claimed that received missed call from my side, I confirmed and asked are you calling from the agency. heavy tone said ”yes”.

I asked for closeing times and instead nice reply she moaned out ”what do you want”. Then i repead again – can you please answer to my question about working hours?

she was managed to speak out same phrase in very unprofessional way – ”What do you want”….

She paused for a second and put judgement on my voice tone by replaying that I was rude and agressive person.

I appologised and explained that I have been worked all night and maybe my voice a bit down but I’am not rude person at all.

She was not bother and said ”I dont care that you just wake up ect”.

I started to explained that too many equipment in property not funcionating in good order or not working at all.

She was the manager of agency and asked me did I contacted the agent who is responsable for the flat care, that they would be able to avoid if something need to be fixed in property. Then she asked me what have to be fixed and I said the radiators is not heating in the bathroom and corridor. She said that no one before complained and flat is warm enought, but if I’am too cold then she can get portable heaters, but I mentioned that other flatmate was contacted the agent and he came to the flat to try to fix radiotors. I just was loughting at it because the agent is not engineer or eletrician to be able resolve the problem.

Manager answered me that I can laugh as much as I want but only what she can do get portable heathers, I clarify that don’t need any heater because flat is too small an extra heaters plus extention leads will create hazards in property. She was able to coment back on it that is not her problem.

I mentioned that to keep electrical heater in the bathroom its against health & safety law,  She claimed that didn’t know about it ,well I advised her to google it.:) I asked agency manager to send someone who have a clue how fix the heater.

She said is very complicated, because the wall need to be knoched down in order to check a electrical wires. I said please do so! Whatever I said to the manager – she always had rude and arrogant manner answer. From her as human being costumer service totally ZERO.

In the end suddenly Manager said she have to go and will call me back later, but  I asked her so maybe I can get opening hours and she answered that is open till 5pm and I asked whats the location of the agency she just  replay FOUND IT and she hang up.AMAIZING IS IN IT!!!!

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It sounds like it might be worth making a complaint about this agent – start by complaining in writing to the agency and then you can complain to any of hte professional bodies that the agent is a member of (Property Ombudsman, ARLA etc). They might be able to discipline the agent and get them to behave!

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