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Moving in Cancelled

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Two weeks ago I viewed a flat and also present was the landlord and the agent and we verbally agreed to rent the flat. Also, at that day I asked the landlord if I could move my stuff in the property one week before the move in day and he agreed. Everything was agreed verbally and when we went back to the agent office to sign the contract he said that the contract was not ready but we started the process by signing the pre-contract paper work (clearance check) and also I did pay for the application fees.
One day before the move in day the agent called me and he told me that the landlord decided not to let the flat any more, bare in mind that my stuff are still in the flat. Next day I went to the agent office to discuss the situation. The outcome it was that on Monday they will try to find me a new flat. In the meantime I stay in a B&B until I find a new flat.
As I have been told, they are going to return the application fees if I am not going to rent a flat through that agency but they are not going to pay and more expenses such as my accommodation until I find a new flat.

Can I know my rights here please?

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