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Moving out - notifying utilities, council etc

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I am leaving my rented flat and moving into a new flat I have bought, therefore will be ending my tenancy so begins the process of notifying all companies that I am no longer resident here and to settle my final bills and close the accounts in my name.

Does anyone receommend writing or calling each company to let them know I am ending tenancy and to generate a final bill and close the account and take my name off the account when moving out of a rented place?

What is the best method, letter or telephoning each one and does anyone have a sample letter please?

Any advice would be much appreciated.



Service provider

Just call them direct.  Letters regularly get lost in their systems.


If they have the option of doing it via email then even better because you then have proof it was sent and often get a an automatix reply to confirm receipt.


As above, calling is the easiest. Just make a note of the date on which you call and who you speak to for your records. if you’re going to send an email all you need to include is your account information (account number, name, address etc) and something to the effect that you’re notifying them you will not longer be resident at the property after [date]. It’s often worth supplying a follow on address if you have it.

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