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Moving out with overlap

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Hi all,


Due to a new job about 80 miles from where I now live I have to move out at fairly short notice, so I will still be potentially paying rent for up to two months after I move out. The reality is where I live does get snapped up quickly so there might be room for compromise.

However I have heard from other tenants that in the past the letting agents have redecorated the place during the two month period and even, at one point, allowed the new tenants to move some of their furniture in.

Can I demand that if any of the above is happens then I will not pay the rent for the whole of the two months?


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Hi Sean,

As long as the tenancy is in your name and you continue to pay rent they are not permitted to access the property without your consent. The only legitimate reason may be to check on the property if it is vacant- however, as I understand other Tenants to be present in the property, this is not a valid claim.

If they are unwilling to assit you in surrendering your tenancy early then you are not obliged to permit them any access whilst still under contract.

Hope that helps- if rather late!

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