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Moving partner into flat

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I would like to move my girlfriend into my flat. My letting agent has said both her and I need to be referanced ( re-referancing me ) for a cost of £400 (over half the monthly rent). is there anything i can do to avoid this cost? Thanks


You have already been referenced to get the property. I realise why the agent wants to check your girlfriend, but I don’t see any reasonable cause to check YOU again. 

In my view, the agent just uses the occasion to squeeze out some more juice out of their lemons. 

Permission to let another person in the property is given by the landlord, not the letting agent. You could contact the landlord directly and negotiate referencing for your girlfriend only. 

Outside of this, it’s a private contract, so you can leverage and negotiate your way as best you can. Ultimately, its up to the landlord (and agent) to decide, so you’re stuck with whatever terms they propose.

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