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Moving to somewhere with little to no heating?!

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I am trying to move home for the first time, after finishing uni, with my partner.

We have found a place in Northampton, as this is where my partner works. We saw a lot of places and we finally found a possible suitable place. We saw a flat, and was told there was a flat the exactly the same upstairs but bigger. We asked specifically is there any other differences at all that we shou do know, as we couldn’t view it at the time. we decided to try and get the larger one in the end. We have passed out credit checks, and asked for images of the flat for peice of mind. I have noticed there seems to be no radiators at all in the place, bar a tiny electric on the wall heater in the big bedroom. And a towel This has obviously concerned me on how on earth we will get the place? Isn’t it a legal requirement to provide proper heating ? As I don’t see how a tiny thing like this can heat a whole flat? And I’m assuming if we move in, we have agreed to move in with it how it is and there isn’t much we can do about if there isn’t proper heating? Or am I wrong? Would like some advice, as it is been so hard to find and get something, and I’m not having last minute doubts. 



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