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Must I leave My Carperts?

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I’m hoping someone on here can help me. I have lived in my current property for 18 years and have recently been given notice to quit. When I moved in there were no carpets at all and all through the tennancy I have had to buy my own carpets. Some of them are quite new and I would like to take them with me as my new property has the same layout.

My landlord however is demanding that I leave thre carpets and threatening to bill me for new one’s if I don’t.

Just for information, my landlord bought the property from my original landlord 4 years ago but neither landlord ever bought, payed for or fitted a carpet.

Do I need to to leave my carpets?

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The carpets are your property. Your landlord cannot demand you leave them. Just as you can’t demand to take their refrigerator (for example). I doubt you have receipts, but check for any leftover documentation. 

Also, now is the time to check if your deposit was ever protected. A long time has passed and you should collect your paperwork and organise to get to the bottom of it. Ask your landlord for the details of the deposit protection scheme and also check with each of the three schemes to look for your deposit. 

Your landlord seems like the type to make a fuss about it, so expect them to not let go easily. 

I advise to download our two PDF guides on deposits:

Deposit protection and claiming compensation

Deposit disputes, negotiating and using the ADR

They will provide all the information you need about the law, your rights and your landlord responsibilities. Furthermore, you will find template letters inside, which you can directly fill in and send to your landlord to keep the communication official.

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