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Mutual Exchange Advice Please

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Hi, 8 months I was called in to see my housing officer and an anti social officer from my housing association where I am one of their tenants.This was about something I said to a neighbour which was in my mind really mild but inappropiate. Unfortunately, my behaviour was due to suddenly having to deal with 5 close bereavements within of few months of each other and my state of mind at the time.  As a result, I was given a verbal cautionary warning followed by a letter from the asbo officer confirmiing this with a reminder of what my tenancy agreement is.  Now I am in the process of agreeing to a mutual exchange with another housing association tenant of a different   housing association landlord. Please, does anyone know if the new housing association can stop the mutual exchange going through due to my misdeed 8 months ago? I have never been in trouble with any landlord or other agencies before and I hope and pray it will be the one and only time in my life to have been called in to see my housing officer and asbo officer. I am also well in credit on my rent account so hopefully that may help in favour. Any light you can give me in this matter will be gratefully received.

Thank you.


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I couldn’t understand from your message – do you wish to go forward with the exchange or do you wish to block it ?

Couldn’t you sort this out with the neighbour in question ? Is it too difficult to communicate with them ?


Hi Audrey,

The neighbour and I are on good terms now.  Because of a previous dispute with the neighbour, my housing association ASBO officer had given me a cautionary warning in writing.  I do want the exchange to go through but because, I have the cautionary ASBO warning on my tenancy record which in theory is a breach of my tenancy agreement, I am wondering if the new landlord, which is a different housing association, will refuse my application for a mutual exchange because they have to know from my present landlord, about the cautionary warning that they had issued to me 8 months ago.  I am worried the the mutual exchange cannot go ahead because no landlord likes to see a past breach of tenancy when considering whether the mutual exchange can be granted.  I obviously have a slur on my record over some useless sentence that I had used against my neighbour.

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