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My appalling experience with Attic Property Services

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I have never had the misfortune to rent from a company as unprofessional, unreliable and downright rude as Attic Property Services, who are based in the North East of England. 

After renting a property with them for just over two years I had no choice but to try and get out – which they disrupted as much as possible by ignoring reference requests from myself, Newcastle Council, UK Tenant Data and my current agents, Jan Forster. I have always paid rent in full and on time, and I have taken good care of every property I have lived in, so thankfully by sourcing references from everywhere else I’ve lived I was able to move, even if things were needlessly delayed.

It took 10 months for them to fix a leaking radiator, months to fix a broken bathroom and bedroom door, over the course of nearly a year they were so reluctant to fulfill their responsibilities, we lived with broken lights and a damaged and severely stained ceiling until we found another place to live.

In winter we were also left without heating and hot water for a week – something the company was fully aware of and chose not to take action on for the duration of the working week.

I have written up my experiences in more detail here, in the hope that other tenants will not go through the stress that I was put through: My Experience with Attic Property Services

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