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my autistic child want a pet dog, but they r not allowing it and, concerned about mould in my flat

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Hello there,

Can you give me some advices please so I know my rights…
My daughter is autistic, and she is 9 years old… she hasn’t got many friends around, so she asked me that wants a pet, a little dog, but I heard that they r not allowing them to have it in a flat, and I told her that I’ll try and ask. I am a tenant living in this flat for 9 years, since I have my child.., and she really wants sthing to keep her happy, and a dog will be good for an autistic child I heard.. any advice please,

Also, do you have a link on fb website to contact environmental health to complaint about mould by the window in my flat?, we live in surrey , Weybridge.., and my daughter keep catching cold often, I think it is caused by mould, damp in the windows and the cold bathroom, I keep open the windows so the steams goes out, but still theres a lot of mould, damp all over the windows, sealing bathroom, and ceiling, windows in the bedroom, I asked my landlord to put an extractor fan, but he doesn’t bothered, any advice will be very appreciated regards


Hi Angel

In terms of getting a dog for your daughter, is there any reference to the keeping of pets in your tenancy agreement?
Here is a statement from the Office of Fair Trading:


“The Law

It’s also important to remember that the Office of Fair Trading considers a blanket ban on keeping pets in a property to be unfair under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. Therefore landlords should not include a “No Pets” clause in their standard tenancy agreement. The Office of Fair Trading believes that a fair clause would require the tenant to get the landlord’s consent before they bring pets into the property but the landlord should not unreasonably withhold their consent. For further information on these regulations please go to

Hence, you should explain why you want to get a pet for your daughter and ask the landlord’s permission to do so.

Clearly if you complain to environmental health before you have had the conversation about the dog the chances of your landlord granting that permission will probably be zero. However, if you do decide that this is the route you want to take, you just call your local council offices and ask to speak to someone in the environmental health department.

My suggestion would be that you ask your GP to support the contention that your daughter is getting more colds and her health is being affected by the damp. This would give you a bargaining tool with your landlord which effectively is that if he doesn’t sort the damp and mould problem out, you will be pursuing him for personal injury compensation on behalf of your daughter. This should actually cause him to do something but if not contact a no win no fee solicitor who will advise you whether or not they will take your case.


Is it not possible to get a dog under the ASSISTANCE DOG scheme as technically the dog can be a trained dog to assist your child and therefore not classed as a pet
As for the mould, go to your GP and gather proof that the mould is causing damage to your health…approach the landlord/agents and if nothing is done – contact environmental health.

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