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my autistic child want a pet dog, but they r not allowing it and, concerned about mould in my flat

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Hello there,

Can you give me some advices please so I know my rights…
My daughter is autistic, and she is 9 years old… she hasn’t got many friends around, so she asked me that wants a pet, a little dog, but I heard that they r not allowing them to have it in a flat, and I told her that I’ll try and ask. I am a tenant living in this flat for 9 years, since I have my child.., and she really wants sthing to keep her happy, and a dog will be good for an autistic child I heard.. any advice please,

Also, do you have a link on fb website to contact environmental health to complaint about mould by the window in my flat?, we live in surrey , Weybridge.., and my daughter keep catching cold often, I think it is caused by mould, damp in the windows and the cold bathroom, I keep open the windows so the steams goes out, but still theres a lot of mould, damp all over the windows, sealing bathroom, and ceiling, windows in the bedroom, I asked my landlord to put an extractor fan, but he doesn’t bothered, any advice will be very appreciated regards

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