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my belongings {the tenant]

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 Hiya,not sure if this is the right site to post for advice desperately needed.
  I was renting a flat for total of 8yrs. Through a estate agents,for the 1st three years the estate agents delt with gas checks etc. Then my landlord rang me to inform me that he was cutting out the middle man ( agents) it was costing him to much,and he would from then on sort a plumber for gas checks, then a short while after I got a few late nite txs from my L-lord asking if he could come round f–k me etc, I never replied.this it made me very unsettled in my home.never got another gas check. Christmas 2015 out of the blue I was given end of tenancy agreement, 2 months, I was shocked and stated I wish he could of notified me abit before handing me my notice due to having no family and handful of friends to help me move . In the first month I was chucking some stuff out givin stuff away, then I got a tx sayin I could stay. 
End of may I was given my end of tenancy agreement again first thing I noticed it had 28 Aug I had to be out and thought well atleast his given me a extra month, 22 July his wife rang and reminded me I had to be out in 4 days. I did say the date was 28 Aug, she said it was a miss print !! and I said ok no problem il be out in 4 days. All was fine. On the 28 July I txd my L-lord asking for few more extra hours to empty loft, no reply, then I rang the estate agents and they got back but to me and said I could have 2 extra hrs.I explained I hadn’t even started emptying the loft. It was only me packing a 2 bed flat in 4 days, they said what u cant pack will be left at 5o ‘c , my L-lord turned up 30 mins early saying hurry up cos his furniture will be turning up and he wants his flat , 5 o ‘c I handed him his keys and said that I’ve had to leave the loft stuff due to him being very unfair and not giving me extra time. I had only just driven down the rd and I received a voice mail saying come back and get the rest of my shit out the flat.i returned with my son. Only to be sworn and shouted at and belittled in front of my neighbours he asked my son to get stuff out. My son said in works 6 days awk till late and that day was the only day we had use of a van and we would have to sort a date out. ………….TO CUT THIS VERY VERY LONG STORY SHORT……… A month on and my L-lord has only just moved in the flat and my stuff from the loft has been taken to the tip and alot has been sold .[alot of my mums belongings is online being sold- she passed away 7 yrs ago].his wife has left him since. He could of given me few more hrs but didn’t, can he do this? What should or could I have done? Im 42 single and have a history of mini strokes and didn’t have any engery on my last day to argue with the lair , hope this makes sense to you what I have written lol… Thanks x

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