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My income has changed after I filled tenant check form. Help!

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Hello all!

I really don’t know what to do now. Me and my boyfriend wanted to move into new house and we started tenant referencing procedure.

I will start from the beginning. I am PhD student which was receiving some fixed bursary. My boyfriend is full-time working.

Recently my supervisor left University and I was moved into another department. I was told that I will be still earing as much as I did in the previous department. That is why, when filling tenancy check form I put the amount of bursary I have been receiving.

I give the papers to agency on Monday. On Wednesday I have got remittance advice from my Uni with much lower bursary!

I am trying to resolve the issue, but person responsible for that is on leave. 

I am afraid that it will strongly affect my referencing procedure. I want to call the agency and explain the situation, however I am afraid that they would not believe me.

I am afraid that the check will show that I earn less that I stated. But I had no idea when I was filling the form!

Please let me know what can I do? Is there any procedure in which I can proof that I didn’t know about the change in bursary?

Me and my boyfriend’s income combined is still high enough to rent the house. But I am afraid that they will not accept us, thinking I am a liar.

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Hi Kate

I wouldn’t worry about being thought of as ‘a liar,’ you’re clearly not. It doesn’t really matter what lettings agents think of you personally anyway, it’s about whether you have enough income to pay the rent. There’s no ‘good person’ check box on the referncing forms. As I understand it, the problematic part of the reference would be when they contact your employer for confirmation of your salary and that comes back as different from what you stated on the form. If the lower amount you’ve received is still enough to cover the rent, together with your boyfriend’s salary, then I would have thought you should be fine.

You could contact them and try to explain but that might just complicate matters. It might be worth trying to get someone at the university to put in writing that there has been a mistake so you can produce this for the agents if there is a problem. If they do come back and tell you there’s an issue then that’s probably the point at which you should start explaining, rather than doing it now. It may be that they simply look at whether the income statements from both your employers are enough to cover the rent together and leave it at that.


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