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My landlord doesn't own the property

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I moved into a property 7 months ago and my landlord was aware I claim housing benefit. Housing benefit refused my claim as my landlord doesn’t own the property. My landlord is buying the property from a friend of his after the friend was left the house when his father died but this has still not happened and neither my landlord or his friend legally own the property. Housing benefit have given my landlord until this Friday, Feb 7th, to provide the land registry documents and once they have received them they will back date my claim for the last seven months. I have however tried to pay the rent fully myself and have had to live off my credit card which is now at the limited I have no more money. My wage is only small as I can only work part time due to disability. I saw CAB in December and they told me not to pay anymore rent until this has all been sorted so the last two months are in arrears and my landlord has threatened eviction. Help much appreciated

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