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My Landlord doesn't want to take her mattress out as agreed

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I moved in into a new apartment in London a month ago and have some difficulties with my landlord. 

Before siging the contract I made very clear to the letting agent who manages the property that I have my own mattress so I could take the property only if the landlord agreed to take her mattress out and she did. 

It is the first time I rent in the UK and got quite confused about all the process and end up by not paying attention to that condition being written on the contract, and obviously now the landlord doesn’t want to take it out anymore. 

Can someone advise me on what are my options here except from storing it in the living room? 

Thank you!

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Try using the same post on along the top bar you will see forum. You will need to join this forum to post. But, there are so many tenants in the London area. You will get a very fast response.

Good Luck Bolly

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