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My landlord hasnt protected my deposit is refusing to payback my deposit

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My landlord hasnt protected my deposit (she has admitted this on an email) i requested that she put it in a scheme in 2015 and sent her the links but she ignored this. We have moved out but is  now saying that they are making deductions from our deposit for various items even though an Inventory hasnt been done.

I have got one problem i cant seem to find my tenancy agreement

Any suggestions?




If your deposit is not protected, you’re entitled to a 1-3 times compensation, provided you can prove it in court. And proving it in court is really easy as you can get record from the three deposit protection schemes. 

Your landlord has no chance to avoid liability, as the law is strict and you can hardly fail a this court case. 

Please download our free guide and read the information there –

If you don’t want to go down to the court route, you can just threaten them and request a full return of your deposit in return for not chasing them for larger compensation. If your landlord is smart, they would realise you have the upper hand and just forfeit the claims. 

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