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My landlord said he did not have to protect my deposit as I rented an annex

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i have moved out of a property, my landlord did not return my deposit, he is now trying to charge me £1,000’s for replacing tatty old carpets, painting, and various other things.

the previous tennents lived there 7 yrs, cats had made the carpets thread bare in places, I have lived there 3 yrs. 

the property was not re decorated when I moved in, nor carpets replaced.

1. He did not protect my deposit, he is claiming as he lives on the property ( not in my self contained house) and the property is classified as an annex by the council, he did not need to.

I had an AST.

2. He is claiming every penny for re carpeting, painting, basically redecorating the whole house.

i do not have a moving in or moving out inventory check list. My landlord inspected the property 2 days after I moved out.

advice please

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Hi Daisy,

It sounds like the Landlord is, indeed, in breach of multiple regulations. It is also apparent, based on what you have stated, that most (if not all) of his claimed deductions are also unjustified. However, the uphill struggle you face is that the Tenancy has already come to an end and you have vacated the property.

You should have recourse however you should seek independent legal advice on the precise details and evidence regarding your case. You should be able to pursue the deposit through a small claims court.

Whilst there are great agents and landlords out there that do everything by the book (and sometimes much more) it is important that, as a Tenant, you know your rights. Essential regualtions must be met by all landlords and agents of properties on ASTs including deposit registration, gas safety, legionella and smoke & CO alarms and, if not readily provided, you are entitled to, and must, request proof.

There are some great Landlords out there but it’s hard to know until you’re tied in. Agents, however, are now rated constantly through online reviews, voluntary (and some mandatory) regulators & insurers and there are also lots of awards too. If you find a great local agent you might pay a little more rent, but you should also get a more professional tenancy all round.

Hope that helps and let us know how you get on

P.S. For more help and legal advice check out the content on this great website, contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau and also try Shelter.

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