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My landlord tell me to leave and said he is selling it!

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he gave me 2 months but id like to know if i have got more rights because i have no money to pay another deposit.. Do i have to pay for this 2months? If i dont pay what can he do? 

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I assume you have a standard AST, if so, the landlord is allowed to serve you a Section 21 notice (which you probably have received) which gives you two months of time to arrange the end of the tenancy and move out. 

The landlord has to follow certain guidelines first, including:

  • The notice must give you minimum 2 months of time and end on the last day of your fixed term or later.
  • Your deposit must be protected in a scheme and your landlord has to have given you prescribed information from that scheme. 
  • You must have been given the government’s “How to rent” guide and a copy of the EPC

Without these conditions, your landlord’s Section 21 notice will probably be invalid, so make sure you check. 

Here is our complete guide on Section 21, so read it next. 

You do have to pay for the two months, as you will still be renting the property for that time. If you don’t, the landlord will recoup some of the rent form your deposit and the rest will probably be given to a collection agency. 

You’re not automatically evicted after the notice ends. It is required before the landlord can go to court and evict you throught the justice system (which is the only legal way to do it ). This process includes several more steps and notices that you need to receive, so it can’t happen without your knowledge and without giving you a chance to contest each step. 

Here is an article detailing each step – Eviction process

IF your landlord wants to evict you just because they want to sell, you may want to try and negotiate to sell the property with the tenant ensuite, meaning that if person buys the property to rent it out again, they will immediately start receiving income from you.

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