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My landlord wants to sell and he is ask me to let sellers enter in the house

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Do I have the right to oppose? it is in the contract but I think that constitutes an abusive clause, I am not sure.

My question is this:

If my landlord is asking me to let him show the house to future sellers, can I oppose to that?


To make things a little more clear, the landlord is threatening legal action against me because I don’t want anyone entering the house;  in the contract it says that he has the right to show the house to possible buyers (not sellers, sorry for my english), but I think that is an abusive an unfair close…am I right? has he the right to show the house to future buyers?

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The clause you refer to is found in most tenancy agreements and is not an unfair clause.  Usually though, it only allows the landlord or his agents access given the required notice, usually 24 hours.  You shouldn’t have to allow sellers to view the property on their own, without the agent being present.  This could potentially open up issues with liability for damage should something get broken by someone viewing.


You do have the right to restrict access to times convenient to you, when you can be at home and protect your possessions, although you shouldn’t be obstructive.


You should accept that the landlord wants to sell the house and work with them to yours and their benefit.  Try suggesting 2 times a week when you can provide access and suggest a small rent reduction for the inconvenience.  After all, if the landlord is selling and you leave, they’ll be left with no income until they find a buyer.

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