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My Landlord Won't Return Deposit

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at some point I lost my key to the house. I explained to the landlord that the key cannot be outside the house, since no one can enter or exit without a key.

I found the key a couple of days later and let him know.

After 3 weeks I moved out (after I returned his key) and he sent me a text that he will keep 100 pounds from my deposit, to replace the lock because I lost my key back then. I explained to him (I think for the 100th time) that the key was in the house all along and I’m expecting back my full deposit.

How can I make sure he will give back my money? Do I have a case here?

Thank you very much!


If you returned the original key then there’s very little reason the landlord would have to keep that money. Were there any details on the key that would prove it was the original and not a copy?

The best move is probably to raise a dispute with the tenancy deposit protection scheme that has your deposit and get them to decide. The landlord would have to prove that he has a right to charge you anything and also that the amount he wants to charge is fair (it sounds like a suspiciously round figure to me). You should have been given the details of the scheme protecting your deposit within 30 days of moving in. It’s a good idea to contact them quickly as there are time limits on raising disputes.


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