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My rights??

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Morning all, 

myself & my partner have found our ideal rental through an agency, we look around, agreed we loved it, paid our holding fee and passed all checks and references. The agency called me with an agreed date to collect the keys on 29th Feb, perfect for us! During this call, the agency advised us we will receive contracts beginning of Feb as it’s usually a 4-week turnaround .

however, yesterday I get another call to say there is an issue with the current tenants moving out date and it may be pushed back therefore pushing back our moving in date? 

We haven’t signed anything yet but have a verbal agreement. Does anybody know where I stand on this matter? Any help / advice greatly appreciated. 


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Hi Amy

I’m not a lawyer but until you have a signed contract I think it would be difficult to take any action. You do probably have a verbal agreement but enforcing that would mean going to court. You could possibly say to the agent that if the move out date continutes to slip you’d seek compensation for losses such as paying for storage/a hotel from the landlord under the verbal contract (if there is one) but I’d get some legal advice on that first from either Citizens Advice or a law centre.

It’s a difficult balancing act because essentially the agents will have to be ‘tough’ with one set of tenants, either you or the departing tenants. You want to make sure it’s the others who bear the brunt without causing the agents to drop you from the process and find someone else. Have they said when the new move in date is? If it’s a couple of days that’s one thing but if it’s uncertain or a case of weeks or months then personally I would point out the costs that you’ll incur as a result of you relying on the agreement made and that you expect these to be picked up either by the landlord or the departing tenants who are causing the issue.


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