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My rights..

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Well after the girlfriend getting me to move in with her and two others on a joint tenancy, it has become unbearable for us both to live here as they are constantly arguing and threatening to stab each other at all hours of the morning, now…We are going to move out but the problem is we are only 2 months into a 6 month tenancy agreement, I have agreed to pay the our half until the tenancy agreement is up, and what we owe is gas, electric and water but as my name are on all bills as well as the girlfriends (gas, electric, water, council tax etc…) I was wondering if I can get our names taken off once we have moved out as if they do not pay them I do not them chasing me?

Any help would be appreciated


Yes, if you get out of the tenancy legally (i.e. with the right notice and paying rent up to the end of the fixed term) then just call the utilities companies and say you’re moving out. It will then be up to the remaining tenants to register for gas, elec etc

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