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Beware of the scheme.  They do NOT protect the tenants funds.


The security deposit is the tenants money – neither the agent nor the landlord has a right to use the funds during the term of a tenancy as if the money is their own, although they frequently do.  That is why, I thought,  we have the deposit protection schemes – to protect the tenants money from grasping hands.


However, I have discovered that the landlord has ‘unprotected’ my deposit, during the term of the tenancy, and has both allowed this to happen and not informed me.  So the landlord has more than £2000.00 of mine, and I have no protection.


The tenancy will end this month and as the landlord has already demonstrated that she can not be trusted I expect I will have a struggle to get my money back.  It will take time and energy and generally be unpleasant.  Why should I, as a tenant, be put in this position?


This so called government sponsored scheme is nothing but a scam for an insurance company to increase their revenue.  They have not shown any duty of care to the tenants funds – my funds – and have offered no assistance.  Their suggestion is to tell me to contact Shelter or Citizens Advice.


Do not allow your landlord to use an insurance scheme like my to protect your security deposit!!   Your money is not protected because the landlord can unprotect it at any time and you won’t even know about it.


Hi Belinda

If the landlord cancels deposit protection then the scheme should write and inform you that this has happened – this is in their scheme rules. Have you asked them why they didn’t do that?

As far as I can make out the deposit then remains protected for three months after the date that the protection has been cancelled and you can raise a dispute against any deductions the landlord tries to make if you do it within that three month period. I’m not sure if that helps at all. It’s all in the mydeposits scheme rules – section B


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