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Need Details Of Good Housing Solicitors

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Hello fellow members,

Hope you all are keeping well. I would like some help and or advice in finding a very good housing solicitor to help me with a very urgent housing matter. I rent from a local housing authority since 1999, and have done everything that I could to be a very good and law abiding tenant. This local housing authority has been harassing me since I took this tenancy in 1999 with unfounded accusations and allegations that I have abandoned their property and living elsewhere. They claim that some people in the estate where I live tipped them off that I do not live in my flat and have only lived there for 6 months.

These allegations were completely false and to my surprise I noticed a pattern of bullying and endless harassment from this particular council. I have lost count of the numerous investigations and interviews I received from their fraud investigators. I was recently interviewed again in December 2016 at my flat, and my estate manager was there with their fraud investigator and another housing official. All three of them subjected me to a lot of bullying and harassment as well as snide comments about my disabilities. My carer was with me and was in total shock and disbelief that they could behave in such a vile manner towards me. Whilst the fraud investigator was writing notes about the interview, my estate manager and the other housing official were opening my fridge, checking my cupboards, my letters and files which I put in drawers and boxes, and also spent ages looking for clues/evidence in my bathroom and kitchen. I have never seen anything like this before and neither did my carer. They even had the nerve to question why I had magazines and newspapers in my flat that were 12 years old?

 According to them, the magazines and newspapers proved that I have not lived there for 12 years or slightly longer. Never have I heard such a very bizarre statement like this! I was asked to provide all my utility bills and telephone records which I did, but irrespective of all that information they still maintained their accusation that I do not live at my flat, and that I will hear from them in due course. Early this week they sent an eviction letter/notice advising me that they want their property back. The notice was a 1 month notice and the strange thing was that they sent it to my carer’s address which they obtained when I was interviewed in December 2016.  I have had enough of this nasty bullying council, who have demonstrated great pleasure in harassing me since I had my tenancy with them. They just have a vendetta against me, simply because I am disabled and different.

I would like to contact a good housing solicitor to help me sort out this matter once and for all, as I have had enough of this endless harassment and bullying. I have never failed to pay my rent on time and have not breached any tenancy rules and or regulations. I would be very grateful if someone from this amazing forum can provide me with details and or information about a very good housing solicitor, so that I can contact them asap. Any help and or advice regarding this matter will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance for your kind help.

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