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Need help and advice with difficult landlord

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I’ve moved into a flatshare with 3 other people, 2 of which are also new to the property.

The house is freezing because the boiler sometimes trips out, so something needs repairing/replacing, and one of the radiators doesn’t work in one of the other tenants room at all and hasn’t been sorted.

The internet is incredibly slow, and when I explained that I will need a good connection to work from home a (which is part of my new job), I was told that it can’t be done as they’re tied into an 18 month contract, when I said that we, the tenants, are willing to pay the cancellation fee in order to get a better package, I was completely ignored.

We have a cleaner (Which we are paying for and don’t need) who turns out to be the landlady (giving her access to the property without forewarning) and she doesn’t do anything noticeable. Also, we were told by the next door neighbour (who showed us around the property, so I’ve never met the landlady) that the landlords live far away (despite the landlady is the cleaner), but on the contract it says their address is around the corner, but I’m positive they don’t live there.

Also, I’m fairly sure our deposit hasn’t been put into a deposit protection scheme.

Two of the other three are completely in agreement with me that we need to get these problems sorted, but I don’t know where we stand with our rights or how to approach this. Any help will do!

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