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Need Help...From Ants, over Rats to Spiders

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Hi everyone,

My girlfriend and I moved into our first own flat together at around May this year.

We were so excited and happy to have our own place BUT the problems started basically at day one.

In the first week we kept seeing quite a lot of ants around our lounge, we called the estate agents which contacted the landlord and they sent someone over to fill up some gaps near the windows were the ants got in – problem solved. We thought its was all over BUT then a few weeks after that we kept hearing noises and while I was at work an my partner at home she saw a rat peaking through under our kitchen appliances – Great we thought…called the estate agents again and reported it. They called a exterminator who put down traps in our flat and the basement as we all thought thats where they are getting in. Well this whole exterminator process took about a month as he checked the traps once a week but never caught anything, the only good thing was that the rats ate a lot of poison. After those 4 weeks it seemed like the problem was solved but no. We heard noises in our walls, very loud noises. Later on the estate agents told us that the tenants before had the same problem, that the rats were in the walls. They called someone from the council this time to fix it, they came by and did something in the basent…we dont know what but since then no rats or noises. A few days ago we kept hearing those noises in the walls again so we think they must be back but as long as they cant get in our flat anymore its fine. ( some handy man which the landlords know closed down holes with foam under our kitchen appliances).

We then hoped it would be all over till about 2 weeks ago i noticed tiny spiders on our ceiling but only in the lounge. We hoovered away and didnt worry much about it but since then we keep seeing at least 10-20 everyday on the ceiling, walls, kitchen and so on but only in the lounge.

Our flat is very clean so we doubt its because of us. We just cant figure out where they are coming from and its just annoying, gross and disgusting as they sometimes fall on us or are near our food.

We are already at a point, where we cant wait to find a new place. Nothing good has happnened since we lived there.

Can someone help us? any ideas what we could do?

Thanks a lot,


P.S. sorry for this essay

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