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Need to tell Landlord unhappy with service but don't want to jeopardise contract

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My landlord only ever emails me when he wants the rent. He ignores my questions via email about issues with windows, taps, fridges etc in the flat and describes himself as a “hands off” landlord.

I have basically had to do his job for him by taking time off work to call and then wait in for workmen to fix multiple issues in my rented property. This is due to him not updating any appliances etc in the flat for 7 years.

I want to know how I can let him know this isn’t ok but don’t want to jeopardise my contract or a perspective future extension, as the the flat is great now everything is working…kind of.

Does anyone have any experience of this? If so that would be greatly appreciated.

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You can’t jeopardise your current contract, as you’re likely on a fixed term. A future extension may seem troublesome if you get in a serious dispute over your landlord’s responsibilities. 

However, you’re completely right about not wanting to put up with it anymore. Repairs and maintenance is a core responsibility of the landlord. He can’t simply let you handle it and just discount from the rent payments. 

In a way, you should feel blessed as the landlord is still paying for repairs and maintenance, but if they want to be a “hands off” landlord, maybe they should look into hiring a managing agent, who will be happy to be hands on for a fee. 

I think you need to make a good, convincing list of negative effects on your life and work. Be respectful of your landlord, but firmly stand by your rights and request them to pick up the slack. You’re not going to get evicted just because you want them to put some effort into landlording. You’re paying rent for 7 years and managing the property for them – they don’t want to lose you as a tenant. 

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