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Neighbours fire door opens into our flat

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There has been a conversion downstairs and the flat apparently requires a fire door that will lead straight into our flat. The landlord has said that the tenants will have a key for the door but it is a criminal act if they use it without a fire. Is this even legal?! It’s made me feel very unsafe!

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Hi Sam

That sounds like a very odd arrangment – shouldn’t a fire door lead outside?

I’m not a lawyer but I think, as they will have a key, that they wouldn’t be doing anything illegal by coming in to the flat but of course if they take anything or do any damage that’s different. Whether it’s a breach of your tenancy agreement by the landlord I’m not sure – it could be that your tenancy gives you the right to demand anyone entering gives 24 hours notice. That applies unless there is a genuine emergency, which would potentially include a fire.

I’m not 100% sure but you could say to the landlord that if these people he has given a key to (who aren’t on your tenancy agreement and so don’t have a right of entry) let themselves into your property with a key he has given them when there isn’t a fire then this could put the landlord in breach of tenancy, in particular your right of quiet enjoyment. You could potentially sue the landlord under the tenancy for any loss as a result (for example if they came in an stole your TV). But, as I said I’m not a lawyer so it might be worth speaking to someone at a law centre if you want to be certain.


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