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Neighbours Landlord

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I had my property damage by a neighbour landlord and she said she had insurance

This is true but they are refusing to pay saying its natural wear and tear to her property which cause a drain to leak

This caused water damage destroying my personel affects

she won,t talk to me and so now what can I do as she saying she not responsible as it was wear and tear through lack of repair she had been inforemed of the problem 10 years ago and patched it then

what can I do

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Hi Clifford

I’m not a lawyer but even if it is ‘wear and tear’ someone is still responsible for damage aren’t they? Just because the insurance company won’t pay out doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t. It just means that the type of damage isn’t covered by her insurance. If her actions or inactions have led to you suffering damage then that seems pretty clear to me that you’re entitled to compensation for the cost. It might be worth having a consultation with a solicitor – the first one should be free – to see if they think you should take that kind of action. If they do it on a no win no fee basis then you have nothing to lose.

Once you know you have a right to make a compensation claim I would speak to the landlord next door and try to resolve it between yourselves. Let her know that you’re considering a claim against her and give her the chance to resolve in now without going to court.

She’s not speaking to you because she just wants this to go away but she needs to take responsibility for her property.


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