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Never rented before....

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Hi there, I desperately need some advice.

Basically, for a multitude of reasons I am looking to find somewhere to rent in Kent, however at the moment I am living at the other end of the country. I desperately need to get back to the area and I plan this week on going down there to stay with relatives. A family member has said that she will very kindly secure the property for me, act as a guarantor and provide first months rent and deposit, however the second I move in I need to sign on and claim housing benefit. I am trying to go self employed at the same time but due to my circumstances it’s rather complicated and I obviously need to ask for guidance from an advisor at the jobcentre.

My main worry is due to living with relatives/friends, I have never rented before, will this completely deter a landlord from wanting me to rent their property? Even with a good guarantor and the property to all intents and purposes in her name till I receive housing benefit?

I would greatly appreciate any feedback, as I don’t know how to go about this or if it’s viable or not.

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Hi Jess

I think you are massively underestimating how hard it is to receive Housing Benefit. I think you need to step very carefully as you could leave your family memeber on the hook having to cover all your rent and living expenses.

Whilst the media love to portray how apparently easy it is to be supported by the government- this is not accurate. I would recommend moving to the area and staying with friends and family and then investigating what your options are and go from there. But certainly do not commit to anything until you understand your options and the applicable repurcussions.

Hope that helps.

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