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New £90 agency fee for renewal of contract

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Hello, any advice most welcome. We have been exemplary tenants for 5 years, never a late payment. Contract renewal time and third increase in rent during our time, which we have accepted. However the agency wants £90 to renew our contract – a new fee that they wrote to us about last year. Contract renewal as far as we can see involves us signing and returning the contract. How can they justify charging us this fee? If we ask them for a breakdown of this fee, what are they allowed to charge for? Who can we write to to get help as this is just too much money and we feel like we are being shaken down for every bit we have!

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Hi Jenny

This is all too common I’m afraid. It’s a complete joke – I’ve paid a fee for this in the past only for the one change that had to be made to the contract to be wrong. There’s not a lot you can do at this stage other than make a complaint (info here) and hope that at some point in the future letting agents are better regulated.


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