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new kitchen, not enough room for appliances

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Hi everyone, hoping someone could give me a short answer or solution to my problem 🙂

I just got keys to a HA flat which has had a new kitchen put in before my tenancy started. Thing is it all looks fine apart (apart from things like non matching tiles etc) but it seems like they have tried to squash in as many cupboards as possible leaving only 40cm gaps for appliances. I recently bought brand new appliances and I’m a bit put out as I can’t afford to replace them again. The washing machine and cooker will fit with no gap  but the space for the fridge freezer is so small I can’t even find a thin enough replacement online. I have a liaison officer who is supposed to deal with repairs that need doing within the first two weeks of my tenancy and after I told her about the issue (and some other things like the fact one of the workmen has smeared tile grout all over the new bathroom and sliced into the insides of the kitchen cupboards with a Stanley knife repeatedly for no reason) she said there should be a 60cm gap because a standard width fridge freezer would leave 3cm each side for ventilation. Thing is there is nowhere for them to make a gap that big without taking out units. Rheir solution is for me to put my fridge freezer in the living room or bedroom. I would really rather not as it isn’t open plan and the rooms are very small. It would also look terrible and it’s adapted so I will have to stay here for a long time due to my disability. anyway the LO said she would call me back but didn’t so when I tried to call her off my mobile today it rang and she put the phone down. I tried calling back later in the day and it just says this person is not available and cuts off but if I call from my home phone it rang out and let me leave a message. I only have 3 more days off work to decorate and move in and worried I can’t do it all in time as would rather not move if the kitchen needs reconfiguring first. Feel like they’re just going to fob me off and tell me it had to go in the living room but the only space is behind the door as it really is tiny :/ does anyone know if they have to provide a space for a fridge freezer? It is marketed as a family only property and there are 4 of us so a countertop one would be useless. Thanks

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I’m not too sure how well this specific issue is regarded in the law, but it seems to me that when they provide a kitchen, they need to provide it with the functionality to fit all needed kitchen appliances, like the fridge.

The LO agrees with you that there should be space, so it’s definitely their fault that the kitchen doesn’t fit your needs. I would remain persistent and continue calling the LO. If they prove to be unresponsive for more than a couple of days, phone the manager, the landlord, whoever else you have contacts for. 

If they have to take away a kitchen unit, so be it. I would insist that my fridge is placed in my kitchen. That’s it. 

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