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New landlord, but still renting the same property

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I have been renting a property for long time (4 years), and the landlord has sold the house. The new landlord wants to rent the house again, and he is happy having us in the house

I have some questions about this process, hopefully somebody could help with this

1 – Can rental conditions change (from furnished to unfurnished, rental price increase, etc..)? If so, would a new contract be needed? We are currently under rolling contract

2 – What happens with the inventory? As the owner has bought the new house, i assume a new inventory of the house will be needed, as there is a new owner and he has to be aware of the status of the house that he has bought, isnt it?

3 – If for any reason the landlord doesnt want to rent us the house (eg – he increases the rent a lot and we disagree with this), does he still need to give us 2 months notice?


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Take a look at Section 3 of 

Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995 Sec 3

In plain language the terms of your lease agreement remains the same. If it is an Assured Short Term Lease then it is renewable by your current landlord and all notices remain the same.



Hi Javi

As stated above, the agreement remains the same unless you have been served with any kind of paperwork.So, essentially it’s as if the old landlord never left, which means you still have to be given the same notice to leave and all the old conditions are in place. In terms of an inventory, that’s up to the landlord really – presumably you had one when you moved in and that can still be relied on for comparison with a check out inventory when you do leave.


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