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New landlord wants another deposit!

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I have been in a privately rented house for over 4 years. 

The landlord has had the house for sale for a while. A gentleman called last week to say he has bought the property and he will send through a new tenancy agreement (why do I need a new one???).

he has called today a couple of times saying I need to pay the deposit/bond. 

I phoned bed my letting agent who emailed him asking for proof of owning the property. He then emailed me again saying the letting agent was making it difficult and he would accept half the deposit tomorrow with the rest paid within 2 weeks.

I know my deposit is in a secure government account and should be transferred to him accordingly.

He is party of a leggings agency too and I don’t understand why he is doing this?

What else can I do?

Thank you for any comments 🙂

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Hi Bridget

It is normally a good idea to sign a new tenancy agreement when the parties change – or at least to amend the existing one. I would check the new one carefully against the old to make sure nothing has been added or removed.

You should have information on which government scheme holds your deposit – this should have been given to you within 30 days of you moving in. When the landlord calls again tell him which scheme holds the deposit and that he needs to arrange for a transfer in to his name (not to his bank account) – that’s how it works. You don’t need to pay a second deposit and you don’t need to get the money back- he requests the transfer and the scheme handles it. He’ll need to prove himself the owner of the property to make the transfer happen I imagine. This link shows you how the Deposit Protection Scheme does it.

Next time you hear from this guy I would ask him for proof that he is the new landlord – you’re well within your rights to ask for that. Don’t pay him anything and don’t sign anything until you have that. He (or you) can get documents to prove this from the Land Registry for just £3. It might also be worth asking the old landlord if he has actually sold the property and who the buyer was.

If you continue to get hassle from this person you could threaten to call the police. Even if he is your new landlord he isn’t allowed to harass you.


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