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New legal tenancy requirements

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Hi, Is there a new law which obligates tenants to go into a letting agent and have to prove visa status and nationality and sign the tenancy agreement annual renewal in the offices .  If you are English with an English passport do you have to do this?


Landlords are legally obliged to check if you can live in the United Kingdom. This was put into effect last year. Landlords need to check your passport and nationality and if your country needs a visa, they need to check your visa as well.
Landlords who let illegal immigrants rent their property can be fined up to 3,000 pounds.  Note that the landlord cannot discriminate against your nationality or place of birth, but they have to make sure you’re allowed to live in the country. 
Edit: I forgot to say that the letting agent is probably just doing that on the landlord’s account, making sure you’re legal. They probably ask British citizens for their passport as well. 

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