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New lodgers - repairs outstanding

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I discovered the flat attached to my room is being rented out ( the landlady couldnt be bothered to let me know) when there was banging and crashing and loud voices as people came to view. Is it not a matter of courtesy to advise people that the room will be viewed/ Also the dividing corridor/floor and door need repariring as the noise from these renders the room unusuable. After several requests and another one yesterday it seems this will not be carried out. What are my options? Ideally I want the council to look at the place to see what they are getting away with?



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Yes, you can do that. 

Write to your landlord again and tell them that unless action is taken in 24 – 48 – 72 hours, you pick, you’re going to the local council and will request an inspection from the Environmental Health department. 

If they don’t comply, contact your council and get in touch with said department. You can ask them to make an inspection. Upon visit the officer will inspect your claims and will serve the landlord with an improvement notice, unless specific tasks are performed. 

If the landlord doesn’t obey, they will be fined. 

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