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New notice?

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The property I was renting was owned by the builder who has sold it to a housing association which is fine. The housing association is keeping the flats but wishes to sell the house I am in. They gave me the standard two months notice at the end of November but said we could stay until the house was sold. We are now a month passed the deadline for moving out and have had no viewings. Do the housing association have to re-issue a two month notice? If they do what is the legal authority on this?


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No, the notice is valid for 1 year, I think. 

The landlord / HA can now request you to move on short notice, so you must be ready for it and ask for heads up, the first chance there is a prospective buyer. 

Other than that, you’re now exposed to real eviction, if the HA files a claim in the court and serves you a section 8 notice. 

I’m posting a few articles on the matter:

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