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New Rented House not as Described - Anything we can do?

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I’m a student and am about to move into a rented house for this next year.
When we viewed the house it was still under construction and so was unfurnished at the time, but the estate agent that took us round described what would be supplied. 
We were told that we would have a dishwasher, chest of drawers in each room, good internet access, a TV in the communal area, amongst other things.
One of my soon to be roommates has moved in to the house and has informed me that none of the above has been supplied, with the internet not even being provided in our house, we are expected to use the estate agents’ office wifi as the house is above/behind their office.
This doesn’t seem fair or acceptable to us at all. Is there any advice you could give us on this situation if there is anything we can do?

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