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new tenant finding some niggles

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Hi all,

This is my first post so I shall try to keep it short. Me and my partner moved into a property in Friday, upon arrival the estate agent rep handed over the inventory and did meter readings etc. We have since been discovering a few things wrong in the house and we aren’t sure how to approach the agent (who will then contact the landlord)

– the kitchen tap is loose and leaks from the join slightly ( but constantly) onto the draining board.

– the shower/bath mixer tap is quite loose and won’t switch over from shower fill to bath.

– the heating/hot water control panel won’t start up, tried looking for a battery but it’s a sealed unit, so I can only assume at the moment our hot water is on constant rather than timed.

– we got told when we viewed there would be no fridge with the property, so we bought a fridge freezer however they won’t remove the one that’s here and kind of shrugged and said they don’t know why we were told it wasnt included.

– all the toilet seats are loose, we’ve tried tightening them but it doesn’t work, I understand this sounds silly but if we were to replace with our own and then put the originals back when we move, they try and blame us for them wobbling?

I don’t want to give the impression I’m picky, im just not sure how to handle the situation with the agent, I don’t want to create any bad feelings in our first week here!

Thanks in advance!

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Make sure everything is noted in the inventory – you have a right to amend the inventory and note the condition of parts of the property and you need to do this to protect yourself from paying for things when you move out. Once you’ve done that then it doesn’t matter if you replace wobbly toilet seats etc at the end – if the inventory says the toilet seats are wobbly then no one can charge you to correct the issue. If the inventory is already submitted then contact the agent and tell them it needs amending as there are issues – if you only moved in on Friday then they shouldn’t protest. If they refuse then put all the issues in writing, take photos etc and send it to them anyway. If it comes to a deposit dispute, this is your proof that you tried to update the inventory and make it accurate.

Do you have anything in writing about the fridge freezer being removed? If so, point that out to them. If it’s in the tenancy, even better.

Just remember that some agents will do just about anything to avoid expending time and money – both for their own interests and so that they don’t have to contact the landlord and say ‘um you’re going to have to pay to fix this.’ That doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to ask. It’s not about ‘bad feeling’ – this is a commercial agreement in which you are paying for something and if that something isn’t up to scratch then you’re well within your rights to politely point this out and request that it’s fixed.



Thanks guys,


sorry it took so long to reply! we approached the agent, some of the things got sorted and we just had to update the inventory with our other concerns and email it to them. (ive kept a copy as proof!)



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