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I have a question regarding a new tenant that has recently moved in to my flat. 

For the past year and a half, I have lived with my flatmate in a maisonette flat. Recently, my flatmate asked if her boyfriend could move in with us, to which I wasn’t too comfortable with at first. Eventually to save arguments, I agreed for my flatmate’s boyfriend to move in. My flatmate and her boyfriend went to our letting agent to sign the necessary paperwork to make him a legal tenant in the property. 

However I am suspicious that nothing was required on my part regarding any of the paperwork? I was not asked to go with them to the letting agent to sign any agreement forms or anything, which I thought I would have due to the price in rent going up due to the tenancy change.

Could someone please clear up whether I was required to sign any legal forms as well as my flatmate and her boyfriend, as the matter is concerning me?

Thank you very much,



Hi Tom

It depends what tenancies you and your flatmate have. If you have a joint tenancy then yes I would imagine that you should have to sign something – either an entirely new tenancy or an addendum. If you have sole tenancies then you wouldn’t need to. What does your tenancy say? If it makes you ‘jointly and severally liable’ and you’ve signed the same document, or copies of the same document, then it’s a joint tenancy. If that’s the case I’d ask your housemate for your copy of the lease addendum or the new tenancy. If they can’t produce it then perhaps they didn’t go to the agent. You could go direct to the agent but use your judgment as to whether this would make things difficult with your housemate.

Either way, it doesn’t sound right.


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