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New tennancy agreement rights

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my boyfriend lived in a rented property with his friend, unfortunatly his friend caused damage to the property and got behind with the rent,  eventually his friend moved out of the property but without settling his rent arrears or repairing the damage. I have now moved in to the property with my boyfriend and paid all the outstanding rent upto date . We have had to sign a new tennancy agreement in our joint names,my question is should the landlord repair the damage that was caused to the property or is this our responsibility .  Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Hi Emily

Strictly speaking, the damage should have been paid for by the deposit that your boyfriend and his ex flatmate would have paid to the landlord at the start of the tenancy. What happened to that?

Your responsibilities start from the date on your new tenancy agreement, not before. Your boyfriend might be responsible for the damage but you should not be. Strictly speaking, those rent arrears should also have been paid for by the previous deposit.


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