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Next door's extractor fan...

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Hi all, I’m a first-time poster here – I’ve likely chosen the wrong topic but wasn’t sure which to select. 

Looking for opinions/advice if anyone has been in this situation…

We rent a split level flat, with one room being upstairs. That room neighbours our neighbour’s kitchen (they are a fff). Their extractor fan somehow seeps into this room – not liquid but the air. And it stinks. 

So, do I turn to the landlord of this property? Do I ask the neighbour to clean out their extractor fan? 


It’s likely that the extractor’s tube blows directly into the window, which is really unpleasant, especially if it’s your bedroom. 

So, it’s quite possible that your landlord has nothing to do with the neighbour’s flat meaning they can’t help you with anything, even if they want to. However, if they are also the landlord of the adjacent property, you can ask them to purchase a longer tube and extend it towards the top, so it doesn’t blow in your window directly. 

You need to try your best and negotiate with your neighbour and resolve the problem between the two of you.  Seek for a peaceful solution and remember to be as polite as you can (before getting creepy). 

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