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Nightmare Landlord

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The problems only started in November 2015 with the leaking roof and very bad mould, I notified landlord immediately but got no response till 6th January 2016. Landlord sent 2 roofing company’s to inspect the property and both found serious problems with the flat roof. Landlord agreed to lower the rent by email and confirmed each monthly payment thereafter, I have all emails and pictures for evidence. When Landlord came in early April she cleaned the whole apartment with a mould spray, and the fumes made me very sick and I attended A+E on 2 occasions. Landlord also when asked about Gas Safety Certificates emailed me to say they are up to date, and I was safe in my home. The HSE were involved and your landlord failed to have any Gas Certificates for the previous 2 years. The gas was disconnected by TRANSCO GAS at the mains from 14th April until 22nd April because no gas certificates had been issued. The section 21 has been dismissed because your landlord failed to follow Deposit Protection rules by not giving me any of the relevant information required by Landlords, and the Section 21 was not completed properly. Landlord also sent a letter with the Section 21 saying the mould was my fault, and demanding money within 24 hours. She later confirmed that in no way was the mould my fault, it was because of the leaking roof which she could not afford to fix. I have emails, messages and Police References  for threats and attempted forced entry by landlords friend, who has stated landlord has given him a key to gain entry against my wish’s. Landlord has been given notice by Environmental Health, which includes Roof, insulation, doors, windows for no ventilation in bedroom and other defects with the property. Landlord claims I have animals in the apartment, I have never owned a pet in my life. I did offer to leave the apartment recently asking only my deposit and a reference, but landlords reply made unrealistic demands and threatening to involve my elderly parents and brother.
Landlord has stated I have been a very good tenant for the 2 years I have been here, and until the Section 21 issued against me has never had a complaint against me. I have on going medical concerns and have been diagnosed with stress and depression by my GP. I wish to leave the apartment, but until all these concerns have been resolved that is now impossible. 

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