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No alcohol clause.

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I am currently looking for a new place to rent. One advert I have come accross on a rental search engine for a self contained studio flat stipulates ‘No alcohol or drugs on premises’. Not a big issue about the drugs bit – although that is already a law so I don’t know why they need to say it. But I’ve never seen an advert that says alcohol isn’t allowed – bare in mind it is a studio flat also, not a shared house. Can they even say that? It is in a fairly high Muslim area so I can only guess it is related to the landlord’s religeon, but even then didn’t knoe they could impose that on tenants. Even though I cannot see how that would be enforcable, I don’t know how much I’d want to rent from somone imposing rules like that. Surely tenants should be able to excercise their own freedoms within their home (even if rented) as long as UK law is observed and neighbours respected,,,

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